FAQ Tryout Questions

What should I expect at tryouts?

Check-in will begin 20 minutes prior to the start of tryouts, where every player will receive their tryout pinny. Our Professional Coaches will lead tryouts, which will be largely playing-based. We will have several HVAA staff members at tryouts evaluating players for teams.

What is the process and timeline for players to find out if they have made the team?

After the second tryout, you will receive an email with your team placement for the 2024-2025 season. This email will include the team fee for the following season. We will ask for a confirmation of your team placement, along with a deposit for next season, within 48 hours of receiving your team placement email. Typically, HVAA will also notify players who are not invited to play on a travel soccer team two weeks after the last tryout session and once all players have accepted their roster spot. 

What is the next step once my player is accepted?

Players who try out and are selected to play for a team are required to accept their team invitation within 48 hours of receiving their offer and complete registration to secure a roster spot. If your child has been invited to play and receives the HVAA Player's Team Commitment letter, you will be required to register your child online with HVAA and make the first payment within 48 hours. The first payment can be made in full, or you can pay the yearly registration fee in free monthly installments over nine months. All players are expected to register with their time by the deadline HVAA communicates.

HVAA is also launching new uniforms for the 2024-2025 season. This is an additional fee, and payment will be required with registration..

When and where are tryouts held, and what should I expect? 

Tryouts are held on our turf field at Valley Center Park, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 or at Bryn Athyn College. Please review the online tryout schedule to see the exact location of the tryout. All player information will be passed along to an age group coach coordinator, the head coaches of our first teams in the age group. If you are registered for tryouts, you will also receive an email notifying of you of the posted tryout schedule. 

What should my child wear and/or bring to tryouts?

  • Outdoor Cleats (no metal spikes)
  • Shin guards
  • Water

How many players make the team?

The roster sizes are as follows:

  • U8, U9, and U10 play 7v7, and a team typically has 10 to 12 players on the roster.
  • U11 and U12 play 9v9, and a team typically has 13 to 16 players on the roster.
  • U13 and older player 11v11, and a team typically has 15 to 18 players on the roster.

Does HVAA have multiple teams in an age group each season?

HVAA may or may not have two teams in each age group. If there are enough players at tryouts capable of playing as a team in a competitive flight and who accept the team invitation to play for that second or third team, then additional teams may be formed.

Do all HVAA teams participate in the same leagues?

No. HVAA has teams that participate in several leagues, like the Mid-Atlantic USYS EDP Conference, APL Acela League, EDP League, Inter-County Soccer League, and Rock League. 

When do teams play games?

Typically, most teams compete in summer pre-season tournaments in August. The Fall leagues start the weekend after Labor Day.  The season generally runs for 10 or 12 weeks. Then, come winter, they will have the option of participating in a winter league and/or training. Come spring, that league generally starts in late March and runs through early/mid-June. Players are also required to participate in the designated tournaments throughout the year, as outlined in the team commitment letter.

When and where do HVAA travel teams train?

All HVAA travel soccer teams train twice a week. They begin practices for the fall season in mid-August and train through the end of the fall season. Our teams also add on additional winter training sessions from December through February. Come spring, the bi-weekly training sessions resume in early/mid-March and continue through the spring season.   At this time, all training sessions are held at Valley Center Park and on the Bryn Athyn campus. Click here for a list of facilities

Can my child "play up" at HVAA?

No, unless an exemption has been made. Click here now to view the HVAA Playing-Up Age Group Policy.

Can players who do not live in Huntingdon Valley play on an HVAA Travel Soccer team?

Yes. There are no boundary limits. Our travel team players are comprised of players living in Lower Moreland and our neighboring communities

Can I contact the head coaches of my child's age groups before trying out or registering for tryouts?

Yes! Click here to access contact information for our GIRLS' TEAMS or BOYS' TEAMS.


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