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Guidelines for Communicating with Youth Soccer Players

  • No Sarcasm
  • Look them in the eyes and be at their level
  • No sunglasses when you're speaking to the players
  • No slang or cursing
  • No derogatory comments
  • No teasing
  • Be positive
  • Be clear, concise, correct
  • Be motivating
  • Praise in public, criticize in private
  • Be careful of the tone of your voice and don't scream
  • Keep the context age-appropriate
  • Make sure players understand what you're saying by reinforcing verbal communication with demonstrations and diagrams
  • Watch your body language as it says volumes about what you're thinking even if you don't say it out load
  • Get your players to think by asking questions rather than telling them everything
  • Be honest and straightforward
  • Turn off the cell phones - speak to them in person
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