HVAA Travel Soccer

HVAA travel teams compete primarily in the InterCounty Soccer League and PAGS. InterCounty and PAGS include over approximately 75 soccer clubs located in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County and Philadelphia. Teams play in divisions which attempt to match similarly skilled teams. Most divisions include 6 teams; this provides for a 10 game season with each team playing the other teams in its division twice, once at “home” and once “away”.

The fall travel team season begins on the first weekend after Labor Day and ends with the first weekend in December. Travel teams in the InterCounty Soccer League usually play one game per week on Saturdays, however, due to scheduling requirements, teams may have games scheduled on one or more Sundays also.

Guidelines for Communicating with Youth Soccer Players

  • No Sarcasm
  • Look them in the eyes and be at their level
  • No sunglasses when you're speaking to the players
  • No slang or cursing
  • No derogatory comments
  • No teasing
  • Be positive
  • Be clear, concise, correct
  • Be motivating
  • Praise in public, criticize in private
  • Be careful of the tone of your voice and don't scream
  • Keep the context age-appropriate
  • Make sure players understand what you're saying by reinforcing verbal communication with demonstrations and diagrams
  • Watch your body language as it says volumes about what you're thinking even if you don't say it out load
  • Get your players to think by asking questions rather than telling them everything
  • Be honest and straightforward
  • Turn off the cell phones - speak to them in person

Travel HVAA Soccer Teams

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