January 25th Director Letter

3 on 3 Tournaments

Hello HVAA Families,

PLEASE READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY....In an effort to provide our community with an opportunity for kids to play a little basketball this winter, we are trying something completely BRAND NEW. We will be holding a series of Single-Day Double Elimination 3 on 3 Half Court basketball tournaments beginning the weekend of February 6th at the Red Lion Gym, and running for up to a maximum of 6 consecutive weekends (based on demand). These tournaments will ONLY be for boys and girls in 4th through 12th grades. At this time, we do not have scheduled any basketball for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade; however, we are hoping to announce something else late winter/early spring if possible.

Each week, we will open registration and specify EXACTLY which age/gender groups are going to be playing the next weekend. ONLY THOSE GROUPS will be able to register for the tournament listed.  Each team will have 4 players determined by the league commissioner. HVAA can not honor any player placement requests; please do not submit requests asking to place your child on the same team as another player. We will try and balance out the teams talent wise, so everyone has a great time and has a fair chance to win.  

Also, due to the limited space and time availability, we will identify on the registration whether or not any travel kids playing for any travel organization, or any kids outside of 19006 will be able to play that week.  Without knowing the demand yet, and due to some COVID related discussions, we are being cautious in our approach to making this happen. For at least the initial weekend, ONLY kids that live in the 19006 zip code will be available to register, and will be noted on the registration as such for those leagues. Registrations will be limited based on HVAA filling out tournaments with either 4, 6, or 8 team brackets. Once we see early demand, we can then determine if/when/how to open up to other zip codes. None of this is ideal, however, with the limited space and time that we have, this is all we can do to start.

Players MUST be able to play at ANY TIME on the assigned day of their tournament since these are double elimination tournaments. Games will be 20-minute running clock. Each team is guaranteed to play 2 games at a minimum, but could play as many as 5 games for the largest tournament team bracket. We will communicate to the participant families each week ahead of the day to lay out the scheduled time(s) they could potentially play, along with the set time of their first game, and announce their teammates. There will be a 3 minute warm-up before each game. There will be NO practices for the teams in this league.

There are capacity restrictions for every game. Each game will have only one referee (except for the final game where we will have 2), the 4 players on each team, and 4 parent volunteers. We will not have any more. When parents register their child, they will be asked if they wish to volunteer.  There will be 4 volunteer parents in the gym for each game; NO other spectators will be allowed.  There will be a coach volunteer on each team, a scoreboard volunteer, and a temperature check/court marshall volunteer. We will rotate volunteers for games so more parents will be able to watch the games.

All players, volunteers, and referees will have to be temperature checked and MUST wear a mask for the full duration of the time that they are in the gym, including while playing on the court. We will be posting all of the COVID guidelines that all players and parent volunteers will have to commit to strict adherence to at all times.

Registration is $55.00 for the single day tournament. Each player will receive a team colored shirt with the 3 on 3 HVAA tournament logo. Players will receive their shirt when they check in on the day of the tournament. Registration for the following groups will open on Wednesday, January 27th.

Saturday, February 6th Tournaments:

  • 9th/10th Grade Boys (no Varsity basketball players; 19006 residents only)
  • 11th/12th Grade Boys (no Varsity basketball players; 19006 residents only)
  • 9th-12th Grade Girls (no Varsity basketball players; 19006 residents only)

Sunday, February 7th Tournaments:

  • 7/8th Grade Boys (no Travel players from any organizations; 19006 residents only)
  • 6-8th Grade Girls (no Travel players from any organizations; 19006 residents only)

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to develop plans and navigate during these unprecedented times.

Thank you, 

Bob Santora

Director of Basketball HVAA


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