In Honor of Jack Fazio


Jack Fazio passed away suddenly on September 21st at the age of 57. Jack was active in our community for many years as a member of the HVAA Board of Directors beginning in 1996 when he agreed to serve as HVAA’s Director of Soccer. Not only was he a Board member for over ten years but he also served as HVAA’s President from 2000 through 2002. His participation extended well beyond simply being a member of the Board of Directors by coaching various sports over many seasons, and as a league commissioner on several occasions. He was deeply involved in every aspect of the organization. After leaving the board he was voted a Lifetime Member of HVAA, an honor well deserved after all of his service. Jack’s first and only priority was improving sports and activities for the children in our community. He grew up in Huntingdon Valley and wanted to ensure his children, as well as all children, could participate in organized youth sports regardless of their abilities. Jack believed all children needed to be coached not just in the sport, but as they grow in life. Everything was about teaching our children to be the best person they could be through sports. We have lost someone in Jack Fazio who cared about this community and its youth in a very special way. He was always giving and never wanted or expected anything in return. Jack will be greatly missed by us all!



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