Organization Purpose The Huntingdon

Organization Purpose

The Huntingdon Valley Athletic Association is organized exclusively to develop and provide youth sports and activities. The organization shall operate with the intent to help promote and assist, in conjunction with our local township and school district, the growth, and development of our youth by offering organized sports venues and activities.


HVAA is geographically defined as the area covered by Lower Moreland Township and Bryn Athyn Borough. We do allow residents of other areas to participate in our programs, as long as facility space is available.  Our playing fields and facilities are located throughout Lower Moreland and Bryn Athyn. For mailings, the HVAA address is PO Box 155, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006.  The HVAA office is located in the Red Lion Gym, at 625 Red Lion Road, Huntingdon Valley.


HVAA currently offers in-house programs and travel programs across sports. Our In-House Baseball and Softball program is offered in spring (starts at end of March/Early April and goes through June). In-House Soccer is offered during the fall (starts in early September and goes through November). In-House Basketball is offered in the winter (starts in late December and goes through March). HVAA also offers Taekwondo, a martial arts program, throughout the year. HVAA also offers an extensive travel program for kids who desire a higher level of competition and training. Select travel programs/teams may be active year-round. Players are required to try out each year for an HVAA Travel team. Travel Soccer tryouts are typically held in March/April. Travel Basketball tryouts are typically held in September. Travel Baseball tryouts are typically held in September/October. We also sponsor the Huntingdon Valley Chess Society Juniors and American Legion Baseball. 


HVAA provides and supports other programs in addition to our intramural sports activities like Taekwondo and Chess. Each May we offer annual scholarships to seniors in high school  (the Tom Davenport, Emmanuel Collazo & Stephen H. Silverman Awards). HVAA also donates funds to worthwhile activities that support the communities youth. HVAA has sponsored trips to professional baseball and indoor soccer games. We may offer raffles or other fundraising activities throughout the year. As we move forward, we hope to increase these activities. 


HVAA is a non-profit organization. As such, we are eligible for several grants, which we apply for annually. We collect a modest registration fee for each participant in our programs, and we offer a multi-child discount for families with more than one athlete for some of our in-house programs. View our policy if you have a fee waiver inquiry for an in-house program. Finally, we benefit from local businesses and generous community members offering to sponsor teams in each sport.  For information on donating or becoming a sponsor of HVAA, please contact

Board of Directors

HVAA is guided by a Board of Directors, comprised of not less than 10 members. The current positions named by our By-Laws are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Solicitor, Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship, Director of Administration, Director of Communications. up to three (3) Directors at Large, Past President, and no less than four (4) Sports Directors, consisting of some or all of the following positions: Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and Basketball. Board positions are filled through nominations from our members and elected during our Annual Meeting in June of each year. The Board also meets at the HVAA office on the third Thursday evening of each month at 8:00 pm for regular meetings. 


HVAA registration is entirely electronic and you can register online here for one of our activities.

Codes of Conduct

HVAA has adopted a Code of Conduct for all coaches, parents, and players that support and/or participate in HVAA activities. This step has been taken in response to numerous news stories in recent years, documenting the poor behavior of participants in other children’s sporting activities. The Board of Directors has developed these codes to ensure that our programs do not suffer these same problems. We are serious about these changes in our programs and require all HVAA members to support this philosophy.

Coaching for HVAA

HVAA depends on volunteer coaches to assist with the running of our sports. With each season, we seek motivated, conscientious volunteers to assist us with the task of coaching our players. Your assistance is solicited for this task. 

HVAA is also committed to providing a safe and rewarding atmosphere for our players and conduct background checks on our volunteers to ensure that this goal is achieved. These checks are mandatory and volunteers are expected to get four required clearances.

We do appreciate the offer of all parents and interested individuals that offer to coach for HVAA. However, it isn’t always possible to accept all of the volunteers that we get. Please don’t be discouraged if we can’t accommodate your request to assist us each season. Our goal is, as always, to provide the best coaching staff that we can to every team.

Sign up to be a coach, league commissioner, or team manager for any of our sports by volunteering to coach during your child's online registration for that season and sport.

Our History

The beginning of HVAA started in 1951 when parents in our community created a local baseball team. From there, HVAA became an accomplished youth sports organization dedicated to serving the needs of our local community. Click here to view a timeline showcasing all the historical events that have shaped our organization.

HVAA In the Future

HVAA is continually looking for ways to improve our programs and facilities.  A long-term goal for our Association continues to be the acquisition of land and the development of an athletic complex. While the Lower Moreland Park site offers many of these features, it isn’t large enough for our current programs and doesn’t include lighting.

Media Release Policy

HVAA Media Release

Huntingdon Valley Athletic Association (“HVAA”) reserves the right to take, use, reuse, publish and republish photographs, videos, sounds, names, likenesses and other similar media (collectively, “Media”) of any and all players, parents, coaches, trainers, referees and anyone else participating in our programs for use in any medium now or hereafter known, including, without limitation, our website, social media and publications.

By clicking the “I Agree” to HVAA’s Seasonal Waiver during your online registration, intending to be legally bound, you agree as follows:

  1. You grant HVAA, its representatives, successors and assigns permission to take, use, reuse, publish and republish Media of you and your child and grant HVAA a perpetual worldwide and royalty-free right and license to use Media of you and your child in any medium now or hereafter known, including, without limitation, HVAA’s website, social media and publications.
  2. You waive any and all rights, claims, or interest you may have with regard to the Media or HVAA’s use thereof.
  3. You warrant that you are of full age and have every right to contract for yourself and your child in the above regard.
  4. This HVAA Media Release is be binding upon you, your child, and your respective heirs, legal representatives, and assigns.



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